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Sunday, 15 January 2012

exotic gili at lombok

#Day 1 - Senggigi Club.

This is second time crossing java. Yeay i am going to lombok island. My journey is out of planning,coz all my schedule was arranged by my friend who is classmate when i was college student. He work @lombok for astra. He stay alone in there. Also he suggest me to visit lombok. In my mind i describe senggigi as beautiful as watch on tv. Woww how wonderful senggigi. ' i ll go there'. 

Fridays 11:30 take off @soetta use lion air. Arrive @16:00 WITA selaparang airport. Selaparang just a little airpot and so dirty. From there i can see rinjani mountain how wonderful rinjani. .  Ewwwww. . . 

Taraaaa my friend pick up me @16:30. And go to his cozan, he must back to his office because he has bos'invitation to attend. Okey. . 

So i call another friends from UPBJJ . I call him 'bli gede'. I give my friend cozan address. Just a moment he find me at kozan and pick up me to dinner at his favorite resto ayam kalasan and plecing kangkung. While waiting my collage frend and i eat plecing he (bli'gede) tell me about lombok's life.

70% moslem 30% hindu. there are still stolen and dial chicken @nite. His teori just for out of lombok for mayoritas and minority for mataram in some area still have. Except cakranegara. Lombok @nite so quitely. Nomore traffic and crowded people. We go to senggigi @nite n stop at the club to see senggigi life style 

With bule-bule. Its so funny in shoreline senggigi also less people and bule and so quietly. Another funniest thing are there at the club. Two gilrs or women are selling themselves. Beautiful body and hair while i see them at behind. Wooooowww. Bu at front weeeeeewwww. . . Hihihihi. . 

#Days 2 - Tanjung aan + Kuta Lombok

Before begin our traveler i am going to UPBJJ mataram to see my frend and say bye. Bcoz see wanna go to bali his hometown. Back to our travel to Tanjung aan + kuta beach lombok. Is about 1jam  45menit go there from mataram. So far hihixxx. . . 
Oiya i see a new airport lombok at praya. So widely. . The bigest one. But it is so far away from the city,mataram. Praya is about 45 - 60 minutes. Sepiiii. . Sepi. . And sepi.. quite..

But it was paid by exotic view of tanjung aan and kuta lombok huahhhhhhh amazing subhanallah. With exotic sand, big wave which use surfing. 


Kampung sade - traditional house and culture of lombok. Unique tradition are swab floor using cow's feces. . Ewwww. . . Commonly use to cash out mosquitoes and other insects. 

#Days3-Gili Nanggu

Next destination gili nanggu. Still far away about 1hour. Along the way we passed lombok harbor usually for across to other country like australia or go to bali. With cheap paid to bali just 100thousand for one motorcycle. Finally Just arrive at noname city (forgot).We crossed using boats about 15menit to gili nanggu. Here those are gili nanggu. Gili nanggu has exotic coral to snorkling As exotic as tanjung aan n kuta lombok.


@nite dinner at tend resto ayam kalasan n seafood pak udin. I guess the name xixixxi. . In lombok i love very much plecing kangkung so i just order the favorite one. Yummy . . 

#Days 4 - hindu's temple

#Day 5 - Gili tarawangan

Is about 15menit to the dock. Use boats to across the island. No more word just share these pic. Yu can judge yurself. Enjoy it.


Prove bule paradise in here. . 

#Day 6 - Senggigi

Senggigi in the morning. Compare with tanjung aan,kuta,gili nanggu. Senggigi in the bad level it's same view like ancol. Just white sand exactly grey color. Difference is only in trash and smell than ancol Xixixixi. . . Enjoy senggigi.

Photo take by me, rahmat rizkianto and asree

♥ i love beach 

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5 Unpredictable of Mind: exotic gili at lombok #Day 1 - Senggigi Club. This is second time crossing java. Yeay i am going to lombok island. My journey is out of planning,coz all my...

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