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Sunday, 11 March 2012


My name is Syifa, I am the niece of aunty riri (she called me tante riri nene). I was 3 years old, I was PAUD school near my house. I have a younger sister named Amirah. My weight of  25 kilos (so heavy..). I can dance india and "ayu ting-ting". I can speak english by singing. You want to hear me sing.
"kupu-kupu butterfly, ajing dog, kucing cats, butung bird ..."

yahoo.. i got a big doll, so funny.. i always laugh with her act.. with the heavy body, chubby cheeks, and so talkactive "Ngocehh teyuss". she is always act like a model while she looks a camera stand by.. she says "poto agi yah.. tatu, dua, tiga empat". ohh my god so coquettish... 
i have a lot of nephew and niece.. next blog i will write another niece her name is "LIVI" as same as like syifa so coquettish..

5 Unpredictable of Mind: Syifa My name is Syifa , I am the niece of aunty riri (she called me tante riri nene) . I was 3 years old , I was PAUD school near my...

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  1. Ahaha perutnyaaaa ganahaaannn yeh -__- "sendelan sendelan. Nyanyi celamat ulang taun."


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