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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Levis's Story || Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss is a professional day-to-day clothier born on February 26, 1829 in Bavaria, Germany. Around the year 1847, Strauss went to New York and worked with his half-brother in the business of goods to dried. Well because not satisfied cooperate, in 1853 he went to San Francisco to make his own business that sells clothing. Before he made this famous jeans, the first chance came from a customer who was none other than Nevada tailor, named Jacob Davis, who demonstrate an idea in changing men's trousers. Results of the idea is pants that is strong and durable. And finally Strauss and Davis patented trousers, called "waist-high overalls". Eventually their companies prospered and when Davis died, the company Levi Strauss has a net worth of $ 6 million, a tremendous value at that time.

In solitude after his business partner left, with a large number of corporate profits, the business brain Levi Strauss began to discover new ideas. When Davis died, the American public was the gold rush, so many people who become impromptu gold miners. Naaah, this condition is directly used by Strauss, first of all he surveyed first. He noticed the gold miners, many of whom use perishable pants at work. From his observations, in the end Strauss tried to make pants out of a material that is not easily torn by order of Genoa, Italy. Material world was spinning, known as 'genes', perhaps because it comes from Genoa times yes. Well the word 'genealogy' is that now more people know him as 'jeans'. Then pair the work was given its first brand 'Levi's'. Jeans eventually became "national dress" for the gold miners in California. It has something to do with the cute little bag that is in jeans. This cute pocket, was originally used by gold miners to store grains of gold they are not so easy to fall off and disappear.

Well the name entrepreneur / businessman / entrepreneur, definitely find not only the successes, but also failures and hard times. Well, hard times for the company Levi Strauss occurred in 1906 when an earthquake followed by a fire that destroyed the company headquarters and two factories. But this did not dampen his spirits langkas and break. He kept thinking to survive in conditions as bad as any. And actions taken by Levi Strauss is to provide credit to customers so they can grosirnya up and back in business. The company also continued to pay his employees and a temporary office and showroom is open to give them something to do. Meanwhile, a new headquarters and a factory built soon. Well at the time of the Great Depression (when it was Walter Haas Sr. CEOnya.) Levi Strauss remained hire its employees by asking them to build a new floor at the company's plant in Valencia Street, San francisco, rather than dismiss them. He argued that the labor force is authorized, the people who share the values ​​and aspirations of the same company, such as managers and owners, will make the company a market leader. An example that should be emulated by the Indonesian business, in any field, reward employees regardless of the level is a very good thing and a great influence on the sustainability of the company itself.

5 Unpredictable of Mind: Levis's Story || Levi Strauss Levi Strauss is a professional day-to-day clothier born on February 26, 1829 in Bavaria, Germany. Around the year 1847, Strauss went ...

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